Window Seal & Wedge Replacement Specialists In Southampton

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Window Seal & Wedge issues can lead to poor energy efficiency

We offer a comprehensive window seal replacement service to keep your property looking great and functioning at its best. We can also replace Window Wedges. Our team of experts can replace your old, worn-out windows with modern, energy-efficient models that will help you save money on your energy bills and increase the value of your property. We also offer seal replacement to ensure that your windows are properly sealed, preventing drafts and leaks that can cause damage to your property and compromise your comfort.


Key Features of our Window Seal & Wedge Replacement Service

  • Energy-efficient windows to save you money
  • Comprehensive seal replacement to prevent drafts and leaks
  • Expert installation for a seamless finish
  • Personalised solutions to meet your unique needs.

What types of window film are availible?

Window film comes with many uses. For example, window film house number stickers are an attractive way of displaying your house’s number or name. There are also window tinting options. When it comes to window film, the opportunities to personalise colour, decoration and style are endless. And if you need help choosing the perfect window film for you? Our experts are here to help!