Window Adjustment Specialist In Southampton

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Window Adjustment Service

Our dedicated service and repair team are specialists in Window adjustment for faulty double glazing, windows and doors.

If your door or window is unable to lock or just difficult to open or close then perhaps it has dropped out of alignment. We utilise a combination of hinge, glass, panel and frame adjustments to re-align your door.

Common Window Adjustments and Problems We Fix:

  • Window locking system adjustment / alignment
  • Window hinge adjustment
  • Faulty parts replaced or adjusted
  • Locking system re-alignment

Why do Gaskets fail?

Gasket seals on your double glazed windows or doors can shrink or perish over time. This can create gaps and cold spots.

we can generally replace gasket seals quickly and cost-effectively to provide a long- lasting, high-performing weather seal which will make a real difference to the ongoing performance of your windows or doors.

With gasket seals around the glazing in particular, it is important to get the right size of gasket fitted: if it’s too thick, it will put too much pressure on the glass; if too thin, it will not hold the glass tightly enough. On externally beaded windows, special sorts of gasket seals work together with the beading to push the glass into place, creating a secure fit.

What seals and gaskets do we stock?

stocks gasket seals for most pvcu window and door profiles and can source specialist gasket to repair and refurbish your leaky and draughty windows and doors if required.

These include:

Push in weatherseal gaskets
Wedge gaskets
E gaskets
Fir tree gaskets
Opening sash to frame Bubble gasket
Opening sash to frame Flipper gasket
U channel gasket (patio doors)
Door threshold gasket seal replacement
Brush pile (draught brush) gasket seal