UPVC Lock Repair Specialists In Southampton

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We offer UPVC Lock and Handle Repair In Southampton

We provide repairs and replacement parts for all UPVC windows and doors including composite doors, fire doors, security doors and external doors. We have many years experience solving the many problems that UPVC products encounter due to damage and general wear and tare.

  • Majority of locks and handles are stocked on our vans.
  • Secure your property with a working lock and handle.
  • Rigorously tested to exceed industry standards.
  •  Improve drafts in doors and windows.

What causes faulty UPVC window & door locks?

When your UPVC door or window lock gets jammed, it normally is a result of a defective lock mechanism. There are 2 main mechanical parts to its lock – the euro profile cylinder and the multi point locking system.

1 . The key may not turn all the way in or will not turn the lock in some cases. When this happens, it normally results to the lock getting stuck or jammed. Never forcefully turn the key when this happens as it may cause more damage to the lock mechanism or the UPVC door/ window itself.

2. There are also instances that your keys will turn all the way but does not put the door or window to a lock. This is still a mechanism problem which a locksmith can easily repair.

Replace your UPVC lock the affordable way

Replacement locks for windows & doors frames is a day to day task for us, this means that we know to stock the most common types and styles to ensure that we can complete the job for you on our first visit. If we don’t have the right one with us, we will book you in for another appointment and source you one.