Residential Roof Cleaning In Southampton

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Roof Cleaning Moss Removal & Treatment In Southampton

A roof clean soft wash can bring your roof back to life using non-aggressive soft wash cleaning method. If your roof is overrun with moss, algae, grime, lichen and general dirt this could be ideal for you.

With the change of seasons in the UK throughout the year, we can experience everything from hot and humid summers to cold and damp winters. Like any exterior surface, they can become wet and dirty and can be prone to the growth of moss, algae, mould and lichen if left for long periods.

We offer our roof cleaning services across Hampshire and South East.

Prices start from £900 and vary depending on the size of your roof and complexity of the clean.

We use a combination of safe & professional roof cleaning methods

Your roof will remain clean with no regrowth of moss, algae or lichen for up to five years.

Standard Roof Cleaning

Pressure washing roof cleaning

A high powered, water pressure cleaning system that blasts away dirt, mould, algae and moss with high power water jets. Can damage roof materials and requires complicated roof access.

  • Only removes surface layer of algae, moss & lichens
  • Regular roof cleaning costs can be high over time
  • No guarantees. Roofs can become dirty again after 1 year
  • High environmental impact, using a lot of water
  • Pressure washing can cause surface damage to the roof


Our Roof Cleaning Method

Pristine soft washing roof cleaning

A detergent-based, liquid roof cleaning solution that removes dirt and dissolves, agitates and sanitises moss, algae & lichens on roofs, preventing them from growing back.

  • Can be applied from ground level to a height of up to four storeys (saving you money on unnecessary scaffolding)
  • Kills & sanitises algae, moss & lichens – preventing regrowth
  • Reduces long-term roof cleaning costs by up to 3x
  • Roofs can remain clean for up to 5 years
  • Low environmental impact, using less water
  • Zero damage to roof surface or materials


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